The Chains that Bind

The Black Spire

Upon arrival to the town of Winter’s Dusk, the heroes encounter a group of vampires attacking the villagers. After rescuing most of the people from the onslot, they learn of a crystal which the Gythyanki call the Star of Summer, that provided bountiful harvests and a safe haven wherein the village could thrive. But six months ago the Star of Summer was stolen from them by the vampire horde which resides in a lair beneath the mountain called the Black Spire, and their fields have grown fallow.
After traveling to the lair, destroying the vampire horde and rebalancing the obilisk, they climb to the top of this Far Realm mountain, and are confronted by the hordes’ master, Gravesoul, a dracolich 1000s of years old. What will they do after defeating him, allow his phylactery to remain whole, so that Winter’s Dusk can return to it’s former state of plenty, or destroy the object, thereby releasing Gravesoul from his centuries of undeath?



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