The Chains that Bind

Clan Erdea

Kelwin knew of properties in the Oblivian Moss, where one can eat it and experience the memories of the it’s former victims. Each party member consumes some and experiences several flashbacks, primarily dealing with the dwarven settlement of House Erdea and the treachery which befell them. Amongst some of those memories are flashes from other sources not known.

The party explores deeper into the halls and find that several areas have been breached by the powerful river that travels through Diyun. One area fully flooded houses some nasty WereSnakes, a Kobald Slaver, and a chained Silver Dragon. After defeating the Kobald, MacTankard frees the dragon, who has been shackled and tortured. Yanko doesn’t take kindly to bullies and chops off the awakened Kobald’s hand. They discover that he is a breader of dragon whelps. Bargaining for his freedom, the Kobald discloses who his employer is and leaves, but not before the dragon gets its revenge.

MacTankard is able to use his abilities to communicate with the souls of some of the fallen settlers of House Erdea, discovering that there was treachery by a force unknown, which twisted and warped the mind of Lord Derrin. Who, or what caused such horror is unknown.

The party heads up the stairs and finds a lift system the dwarves had in place. After climbing the chains to the upper platforms, they are attacked by a group of spiders. After a harrowing fight, the party defeats the last of the spiders, only to hear from the dark a congratulatory “well-done, but clumsy.”



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