The Chains that Bind

Diyun and House Erdea

Having ascended to Paragon, the party strikes out to explore more of the dwarven settlement. Coming around a bend in the underground dungeon, they find a deep chasm. Descending on a rope and climbing up the other side this cavern is home to two Dire Bears who attack. In the middle of the fight MacTankard is attacked from above, by a slime creature who asks if he is of the House Erdea? Further exploration into the cavern leads to another part of the dwarven settlement where the party uncovers more secret doors, traps and a grand sitting room with a picture of a majestic Dwarf of the name Lord Derrin. Moving forward they decide to enter a room covered in what Kelwin knows to be Oblivian Moss, which attacks your memory. It affects the PCs by stealing their Encounter and Daily powers away from them, and using their own At-Will powers as well.



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