The Chains that Bind

Diyun: The Hanging City

Against strong protestations from Yanko, Bugger convinces the group to continue down into the risen island. Below they experience a strong stench of death and gore, no wait that’s just an unconscious dwarf. With no memory of how he came to be here, Rustin McTankard, a crew member of the captain’s ship recovers and leads the way deeper into the lair of the evil god. Pushing through a crack, the discover a ritual in progress and fight with a neogi slaver, scorpions and once again an appearance of those demonic orcs. Stopping the ritual, they return to the ship and sail for Diyun.

The Hanging City is a beautiful sight; tall spires of rock, jutting upward from the mouth of a river, with a city clinging to it’s sides and foundation. Entrance to the city is costly, and to pay the fee, they take a job from the local magistrate to hunt for an escaped prisoner. A Vistani, named Kevrick. Along the way, keeping an eye out for local guild markings and thieves, the group witnesses a thief in the process of breaking and entering and bugger sets forth to get himself a date. Which he does… Rilta, a female Water Genasi cat-burglar, who gives him the markings of the local guild.



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