The Chains that Bind

Diyun Underground

The party explores a portion of the dungeon at the waterline of Diyun, uncovering several traps and secret doors inside what appears to be a dwarven settlement. This is confirmed when they find a group of well preserved dead dwarves and a separate chapel. MacTankard doesn’t recognize any of the markings, leading them to assume that this clan is of an ancient heritage. Instead of heading up, they follow a special green stone down into the bowels of the rock spire. There they encounter a massive crocodile and some lizardfolk inside of a grand hall, carved from the vein of green rock.

Following the carving of this rock into a large majestic room, the party finds sentinels waiting for them and an altar of sorts at the far end. Clearly a place that was meant for something special, now home to a huge Bebilith. A tough fight follows with floor traps setting off the Iron Gorgon sentinels, but the group prevails and upon their victory, are refreshed with a vigor, never felt before; ascension to Paragon Levels.



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