The Chains that Bind

The Decision

After a short rest and meeting back up with Galerza and Alexander, the party headed out of the Dwarven Stronghold and made their way to Olhdan. The city is the namesake of this plane known as The Olhdan, wherein The Shjag is but a section or half.

Questioning the citizens, priests and the Angel; the party learns about Chavat, Jerran, and this forgotten realm where Torog has not been witnessed for centuries.

The Order of Amalgamation gains more and more power as each day passes, leaving the caste known as The Chains weakened. Taking on a task from the Angel, the party scouted out a building holding a powerful beast to be sacrificed to Torog the following morning. XP and Treasure


If you were to take the unicorn to the angel, she would tell you that the beast has been irreparably damaged and that it would be better off being destroyed. The unicorn is valuable and letting the beast go would likely result in its re-capture, or death as it does not know how to hunt, or feed itself. The angel, although as evil as can be, seems to hold certain standards as to what might be defined as a meaningful existence. She does not want the unicorn.

The angel says that it is likely that The Order of Amalgamation would have first destroyed the Chuul and then used its claws to be grafted onto another creature as a precursor to the unicorn being destroyed in order to graft its horn onto someone or something else. Such a creature would certainly be most powerful indeed, a true abomination, to mix both natural and fey into one, but Chavat(a foulspawn), would delight in the design.

She suggests that the party take the unicorn outside of the city and kill it, thereby putting it out of its misery. She notes, that the party would then be in possession of a unicorn horn to do with as it pleased. A VERY rare and valuable item to own and possibly use in the future.

As a reward for destroying the Chuul and disrupting the ceremony to have taken place tomorrow, the angel presents you with 3 gems:

1 Star Sapphire 1,000 gp

1 Canary Diamond 2,500 gp

1 Beljuril 5,000 gp



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