Toth is a large fat drunk covered in scars. His once white turban and robes are filthy. The smell is repulsive. Life has left him feeling defeated and his only solace is the bottle.


Toth was raised by the “Sultans Shadows” the kingdom of Oasis’ elite gaurd. Emphasis was on history and brotherhood. Though, not the strongest of his peers Toth studied hard and quickly became adept in the arcane arts and battle history. His studies payed off when he became one of four gaurds who watched over the sultans most precious treasure, his baby girl.

Eight years passed and Toth proved himself on more than one occasion. His honor became a shield that he surrounded the princess in. It was during this eighth year that demons became more prevalent within Oasis and more daring. Destruction and death followed the demons across the land climaxing with their arrival into the sultans palace. It was this night that Toth had his fall from grace.

When he came to his senses it was too late. His hands around the dead princess’ neck, his three brothers slain (one slumped in the corner with Toth’s scimitar protruding from his chest), and at the door the Sultans Shadows pounding. Toth fled.

It was that night that he became a plaguesoul and has been wandering the badlands for the last 7 years running from the Sultans men, living like a hermit, and finding solace in a bottle. However, recently he has heard rumors of portals and demons. This (and the booze) has brought him to Winecrest. Losing his honor has made him bold and the drink has made him hungry for revenge.


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