The Chains that Bind

Final Game - Fight with Jerran

The final battles. Fights with Chavat and Jerran.

The Decision

After a short rest and meeting back up with Galerza and Alexander, the party headed out of the Dwarven Stronghold and made their way to Olhdan. The city is the namesake of this plane known as The Olhdan, wherein The Shjag is but a section or half.

Questioning the citizens, priests and the Angel; the party learns about Chavat, Jerran, and this forgotten realm where Torog has not been witnessed for centuries.

The Order of Amalgamation gains more and more power as each day passes, leaving the caste known as The Chains weakened. Taking on a task from the Angel, the party scouted out a building holding a powerful beast to be sacrificed to Torog the following morning. XP and Treasure


If you were to take the unicorn to the angel, she would tell you that the beast has been irreparably damaged and that it would be better off being destroyed. The unicorn is valuable and letting the beast go would likely result in its re-capture, or death as it does not know how to hunt, or feed itself. The angel, although as evil as can be, seems to hold certain standards as to what might be defined as a meaningful existence. She does not want the unicorn.

The angel says that it is likely that The Order of Amalgamation would have first destroyed the Chuul and then used its claws to be grafted onto another creature as a precursor to the unicorn being destroyed in order to graft its horn onto someone or something else. Such a creature would certainly be most powerful indeed, a true abomination, to mix both natural and fey into one, but Chavat(a foulspawn), would delight in the design.

She suggests that the party take the unicorn outside of the city and kill it, thereby putting it out of its misery. She notes, that the party would then be in possession of a unicorn horn to do with as it pleased. A VERY rare and valuable item to own and possibly use in the future.

As a reward for destroying the Chuul and disrupting the ceremony to have taken place tomorrow, the angel presents you with 3 gems:

1 Star Sapphire 1,000 gp

1 Canary Diamond 2,500 gp

1 Beljuril 5,000 gp

The Funhouse of Mirrors
or, Why didn't we bring a Minotaur?

True adventurers are never daunted. Faced with a puzzle, logic prevails. Go jump off a cliff, Spock.

The party navigated the inhospitable caverns of the Dwarven Stronghold. Around, over, and through trap after trap they were confronted with the final guardian; a Web Golem.

In The Ring
or, The Squared Circle

As it turns out Galerza and Toth had not been spending their free time vacationing. Exposed to the elements and held as a gladiator, the reunion with the party was full of tears and weeping and comraderie. (Or something very much like that.)

After defeating the Githyanki and Ettin in the fighting ring, the party followed their guide, Valenor, up the mountain to the Dwarven Stronghold, where they were greeted, fed, rested and then attacked. After defeating the Warforged, Galerza and Alexander took off after the fleeing, Valenor, leaving the rest of the party to explore ahead.

Sand Dunes

Some dune diving and a new cologne, followed by a fight at the oasis.

The Journey There

Falling into The Shjag, our heroes met a group of potential allies. Joining forces with Grandmother, and her band of Vistani, they held off an invading horde and gained some knowledge of who they were up against.

Torog, the King that Crawls has many such places where he keeps his followers. Those who wish to be seated at his side must spend ages in torment, praying for his horrific blessing. Two would-be Exarchs reside here, in the The Shjag, an alternate plane.

Jerran, one such lowly wrackspawn rose above the rest, what manner of blessing did he receive?

Of the other would-be Exarch, only this is known, he holds Elaine captive.

A Three-Hour Tour
swim where?

After taking a meeting with The Guild, the group struck out onto the high seas. Being mistaken for the Heroes of Winecrest would normally be flattering, as long as it came with milk and honey.

The Blue Prince gave the team entry into the Sea Cave. Holding your breath under water is fun! But recovering the second key-stone opened a rent; and as the water cascaded down, so too the boat and everyone on it…

Should I get a tatoo?
Maybe I'll start with a gnome toe.

Arriving on a domestic disturbance call, Officers Toth and Galerza proceeded in, whereupon they witnessed two occupants of said house in a catfight. Deputies Redshirt and Chiklo ever vigilant, walked right by two unknown intruders. After Draha wrote some telepathic poems, they all got together and sang Kumbaya with their new best friend, Ganneck Township, the Vampire-Eye grafted Cult Leader.

The big hole in the ground wasn’t a swimming pool. It once held an obelisk, but for whom? Ogres are added to the list of monsters who trust Alexander’s quick words and off to Little Red Riding Hood’s house! For a picnic and tea and… ooo, gross! A rat, who becomes intimately acquainted with Kelwin.

A Drow cleric and a nasty knife fighter keeping company with WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR MOUTH!!! $#!&% That’s just wrong. (Cool black pyramid, though).

The Cult of Personality
or, anybody hungry?

Boxes of scorched earth? Crates of stone? Galerza and Yanko stand guard while Alexander and Toth get propositioned in a dark alley. What!? No, not that kind of proposition. The kind you can’t refuse.

Successful scouting pays off when the party gets the jump on a group of nasty Halflings, and after Yanko falls asleep at the wheel, he beats up the very Goblins they saved. “See any old men around we can take care of while we’re at it?”

Two discoveries are made: one grim, the other extra-dimensional. And a house, where apparently they make sausage products. Also, they find some nuts.

You call that singing?
or, drink what?

Accusations fly and what the hell is a dirge anyway? If the Guild is muscle, what is this new group? Galerza and Yanko successfully find a way into the warehouse. Unfortunately Alexander didn’t know “Hi’Locke Y’are Lloth.” Although no one ever accused Toth of having perfect pitch.


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