The Chains that Bind

Clan Erdea

Kelwin knew of properties in the Oblivian Moss, where one can eat it and experience the memories of the it’s former victims. Each party member consumes some and experiences several flashbacks, primarily dealing with the dwarven settlement of House Erdea and the treachery which befell them. Amongst some of those memories are flashes from other sources not known.

The party explores deeper into the halls and find that several areas have been breached by the powerful river that travels through Diyun. One area fully flooded houses some nasty WereSnakes, a Kobald Slaver, and a chained Silver Dragon. After defeating the Kobald, MacTankard frees the dragon, who has been shackled and tortured. Yanko doesn’t take kindly to bullies and chops off the awakened Kobald’s hand. They discover that he is a breader of dragon whelps. Bargaining for his freedom, the Kobald discloses who his employer is and leaves, but not before the dragon gets its revenge.

MacTankard is able to use his abilities to communicate with the souls of some of the fallen settlers of House Erdea, discovering that there was treachery by a force unknown, which twisted and warped the mind of Lord Derrin. Who, or what caused such horror is unknown.

The party heads up the stairs and finds a lift system the dwarves had in place. After climbing the chains to the upper platforms, they are attacked by a group of spiders. After a harrowing fight, the party defeats the last of the spiders, only to hear from the dark a congratulatory “well-done, but clumsy.”

Diyun and House Erdea

Having ascended to Paragon, the party strikes out to explore more of the dwarven settlement. Coming around a bend in the underground dungeon, they find a deep chasm. Descending on a rope and climbing up the other side this cavern is home to two Dire Bears who attack. In the middle of the fight MacTankard is attacked from above, by a slime creature who asks if he is of the House Erdea? Further exploration into the cavern leads to another part of the dwarven settlement where the party uncovers more secret doors, traps and a grand sitting room with a picture of a majestic Dwarf of the name Lord Derrin. Moving forward they decide to enter a room covered in what Kelwin knows to be Oblivian Moss, which attacks your memory. It affects the PCs by stealing their Encounter and Daily powers away from them, and using their own At-Will powers as well.

Diyun Underground

The party explores a portion of the dungeon at the waterline of Diyun, uncovering several traps and secret doors inside what appears to be a dwarven settlement. This is confirmed when they find a group of well preserved dead dwarves and a separate chapel. MacTankard doesn’t recognize any of the markings, leading them to assume that this clan is of an ancient heritage. Instead of heading up, they follow a special green stone down into the bowels of the rock spire. There they encounter a massive crocodile and some lizardfolk inside of a grand hall, carved from the vein of green rock.

Following the carving of this rock into a large majestic room, the party finds sentinels waiting for them and an altar of sorts at the far end. Clearly a place that was meant for something special, now home to a huge Bebilith. A tough fight follows with floor traps setting off the Iron Gorgon sentinels, but the group prevails and upon their victory, are refreshed with a vigor, never felt before; ascension to Paragon Levels.

Diyun Day

After a night spent with the local Vistani, the adventurers go in search of the thieves guild in hope of tracking down Kevrick, the Vistani Elder. After being introduced to Alyshex, a female half-orc weapons trader at a tea-house, they are sent a message and pointed in the right direction to Rilta, who shows them the way to the secret passages beneath the city. They successfully explore the tunnels that lead from spire to spire and finally decide to explore one of the underground rivers. A very tense challenge down the waterway is barely passed and they resurface in a cavern, where they face off against a large Cloaker Ambusher.

Diyun: The Hanging City

Against strong protestations from Yanko, Bugger convinces the group to continue down into the risen island. Below they experience a strong stench of death and gore, no wait that’s just an unconscious dwarf. With no memory of how he came to be here, Rustin McTankard, a crew member of the captain’s ship recovers and leads the way deeper into the lair of the evil god. Pushing through a crack, the discover a ritual in progress and fight with a neogi slaver, scorpions and once again an appearance of those demonic orcs. Stopping the ritual, they return to the ship and sail for Diyun.

The Hanging City is a beautiful sight; tall spires of rock, jutting upward from the mouth of a river, with a city clinging to it’s sides and foundation. Entrance to the city is costly, and to pay the fee, they take a job from the local magistrate to hunt for an escaped prisoner. A Vistani, named Kevrick. Along the way, keeping an eye out for local guild markings and thieves, the group witnesses a thief in the process of breaking and entering and bugger sets forth to get himself a date. Which he does… Rilta, a female Water Genasi cat-burglar, who gives him the markings of the local guild.

A Risen Island a Risen God?

A deal is struck for passage to Diyun, investigate a strange island that has suddenly appeared in the waters off the coast. The captain’s crew has gone missing, and on the island, Bugger and Yanko learn that an evil God is being summoned. A trap plays havoc with the party but persistence pays off.


Travel to Havenhold. A small town on the northern coast and stopover where the group might find passage to the great Hanging City of Diyun. While investigating possible knowledge regarding the Black Spire, Alexander explores trust issues with a dwarf arcanist. A battle in the tower with some nasty rot grub swarms and demonic orcs, and the group’s pet angel gets a name… Harry, short for Herald of course.

The Black Spire

Upon arrival to the town of Winter’s Dusk, the heroes encounter a group of vampires attacking the villagers. After rescuing most of the people from the onslot, they learn of a crystal which the Gythyanki call the Star of Summer, that provided bountiful harvests and a safe haven wherein the village could thrive. But six months ago the Star of Summer was stolen from them by the vampire horde which resides in a lair beneath the mountain called the Black Spire, and their fields have grown fallow.
After traveling to the lair, destroying the vampire horde and rebalancing the obilisk, they climb to the top of this Far Realm mountain, and are confronted by the hordes’ master, Gravesoul, a dracolich 1000s of years old. What will they do after defeating him, allow his phylactery to remain whole, so that Winter’s Dusk can return to it’s former state of plenty, or destroy the object, thereby releasing Gravesoul from his centuries of undeath?

The Way Out

Having slain Jerran and witnessing the manifestation of the God Torog, the heroes barricade themselves inside the temple. After making their way into the depths below, they find a way out, back to their world, hindered by a Rune Priest with a really big hammer.

Passing through a portal and onto a Githyanki flying ship in the Astral Sea, breaking the law set forth by The Twins. A Deva takes a swan dive, and a Dragonborn gives them a hall pass. They find themselves well to the north, but they are back home, in the mortal world.

Final Game - Fight with Jerran

The final battles. Fights with Chavat and Jerran.


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